3 Signs You Could Be Pregnant That You Might Not Know About

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3 Signs You Could Be Pregnant That You Might Not Know About

28 September 2015
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When it comes to the early signs of pregnancy, most women have heard that they could get "morning sickness" or experience a lot of sudden cravings for food. But the changes that occur in your body once you are pregnant are many, and may include some things that you don't know about. Here are three early warning signs that you could be pregnant that you may not be aware of.

Shortness of Breath

Are you gasping for air every time you go up the stairs? If you are otherwise in healthy shape and cannot explain this sudden change in behavior, it might be time to examine your body for other signs of pregnancy. A growing fetus uses a lot oxygen, which can leave the mother with a short supply. As the baby grows, he or she can also start to put pressure on your diaphragm or lungs, making the breathing situation even worse.


If your lower back is consistently sore when you wake up every morning and you are not doing any kind of manual labor that could be causing this, it could be your body adapting to the baby inside of you. The ligaments inside your body start to loosen when you are pregnant to help make room for the baby. This natural process will leave you with some pains here and there, and could start affecting your posture as well.

Strong Sense of Smell

It's amazing everything that changes in a woman's body when she becomes pregnant. Even your sense of smell can become much more sensitive when you are pregnant. If you find yourself not being able to handle taking out the trash due to the smell, or get a much stronger sense of aroma when cooking, it's not because you've suddenly become Supergirl. It may mean you've got a baby growing inside of you.

A woman's body goes through a variety of changes when she becomes pregnant, and some of these may be obvious signs of pregnancy, like frequent nausea or larger, sore breasts. Other symptoms may not be as obvious though. If you encounter shortness of breath for no reason, get frequent backaches even though you are not exercising much, or feel like your senses are altered, it may be time to take a larger inventory of your body as a whole. If more signs are there, get to a doctor such as Darin L Weyhrich for a test.