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Three years ago, I underwent surgery to remove seven fibroids from my uterus. The largest one was the size of a baseball. Because I hadn’t started a family at this time, I was extremely apprehensive about the effects the surgery might have on my fertility. I was relieved when my gynecologist told me my ability to have children shouldn’t have been compromised by the surgery. Now, at the age of thirty-six, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. I’ve been researching ways for women who’ve had uterine fibroids surgically removed in the past to improve their fertility chances. On this blog, you will discover the latest fertility treatments available for women who’ve underwent surgical procedures on their uteruses.


STD Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For

23 April 2021
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If you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), you may not be aware of it. Some STDs have symptoms that mimic other things like a yeast infection, or you may have symptoms and not be aware that they could be an STD. If you are having unprotected sex or multiple sexual partners and you aren't practicing safe sex, you could end up with an STD. Read on for a few signs and symptoms to watch out for if you suspect you have an STD. Read More …