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Three years ago, I underwent surgery to remove seven fibroids from my uterus. The largest one was the size of a baseball. Because I hadn’t started a family at this time, I was extremely apprehensive about the effects the surgery might have on my fertility. I was relieved when my gynecologist told me my ability to have children shouldn’t have been compromised by the surgery. Now, at the age of thirty-six, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. I’ve been researching ways for women who’ve had uterine fibroids surgically removed in the past to improve their fertility chances. On this blog, you will discover the latest fertility treatments available for women who’ve underwent surgical procedures on their uteruses.

An Introductory Guide On How To Treat Abnormal Or Painful Periods

4 August 2023
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Menstruation is a natural part of a woman's life, but for some, it comes with significant discomfort and pain. Likewise, abnormal periods can be a cause for concern. This blog post will explore ways to manage and treat abnormal or painful periods, also known as dysmenorrhea. 1. Understanding Abnormal and Painful Periods An abnormal period can refer to changes in the cycle's length, the amount of blood, or the type of bleeding. Read More …

Period Changes That May Be of Concern

7 March 2023
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Your period begins in your younger years and doesn't end until you reach menopause later in life. That's a long time of having a period, so you get used to it and know what to expect each and every month. You know when you're more hormonal when the cramping begins and when your headaches start, as these are telling signs that your period is about to begin, and you endure these things during your periods. Read More …