Of Business And Babies: Prenatal Care Tips For Traveling

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Of Business And Babies: Prenatal Care Tips For Traveling

25 September 2015
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Some job industries include traveling more than others. If you work in a field where you have to travel on a regular basis, your experience while pregnant may be a little different. If you are looking for ways to remain healthy while traveling during your pregnancy, here are some tips for proper prenatal care.

Bring raw snacks

Eating is the number one issue while traveling. Many travelers select fast food or opt to eat unhealthy dishes in restaurants while away from home. While pregnant, you will need to remember to get proper protein, folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals. To remain healthy and have things on hand to eat, bring along raw snacks. Dried fruit, salads inside of a mason jar, and raw vegetables make great snacks. For protein, you can also pack canned chicken. Once you get to your destination, stop at an actual grocery store to stock up on proper foods that will help with the baby's development.

Find a prenatal network

No matter how often you travel, you should have an OBGYN in your home area. During your first appointments, collaborate with them to find a proper prenatal care network while you are out of town. Your insurance may have a network and be able to help find an in-network provider for your pregnancy needs in other towns. Your OBGYN may also have a good relationship with other doctors in your traveling areas that keep your prenatal care consistent. The amount of visits that you will need depends on a number of factors, including your age, health, and risk factors. Do not skip prenatal appointments, no matter what.

Carefully choose plane seats

The comfort of yourself and your belly are of utmost importance. Though exit row seats typically give you more leg room, the seats are often more narrow and have an immovable armrest. Select seats that will allow you to move up the armrest for more tummy room, and seats that are near the restroom in the event you have to make it down the aisle several times. Also, if necessary, book extra snacks and meals with the airline before the flight. Eating for two means eating more often, and the airline will need to know to properly prepare certain food items for the plane.

Bring a walker rest seat

Traveling often means long lines and long waits. Instead of risking strain, bring along a rolling walker rest seat. This way you can lean on the walker when walking or standing in line, and take a seat when you are waiting around. You can also use the walker seat to hold your luggage instead of carrying the items on your back or shoulder. This seat will give your ankles and body a rest while allowing you to keep up with your job.

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